We’re here now

If you are looking for a partner in Sweden/Nordics to represent you, we’re all ears – we have the network, knowhow and experience.

Rainmak3r is involved in a few projects currently:

Brasri à la recherche du temps perdu – importing wine, opera and La belle vie to the Swedes. We’re celebrating a fantastic success with biodynamic wines such as an organic old-fashioned champagne-type wine called Domaine LaBarthe from Gaillac: At Systembolaget

As a fun diversion we’re also the agency in the Nordics for a great concept called Cacoon/Drömkojan.

Another interesting project is this, which is still under the radar: pool.farm

Bjorn is working with Printed Electronics and Sensors at Acreo Swedish ICT AB.

A few older references are
- www.lyyn.com

- www.whitelines.com

- www.rollingoptics.com






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