Strategy? Research? Hunt? We’ll help.

Rainmak3r will help you, hands-on, with your go-to-market approach. But we will not stop at giving advice. We will do the actual work.

Most incubator structures, business consultants and advisors are focused on advice, process, network, concepts and all the wonderful fluffy words you can dream about. But when you are a small entrepreneur, it all boils down to the actual DOING – to identify the client means nothing unless you initiate a dialogue where you can show your offer. This is where we kick in. We’ll help you with reality.

We’ve also developed a network of international business development representatives. Working with us means that your market reach will multiply fast.

Our extensive international network is in place in countries such as UK, Germany, France, Italy, USA, Canada, Mexico, China, Poland and we can if need be locate resources in other markets too.






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