Focus on action



When approaching a new geographical market or segment, as a small company you do not have the luxury of perfect analysis. You’re bound to start somewhere: trade fairs, country agents, distributors and hands-on direct sales. This is hard and timeconsuming work for founders of SME’s.

The rainmak3r team can help you and we have a practical take on this step in corporate development: You need to try. And fail. And correct.

Therefore we often narrow down sales&marketing to a very simplistic process:

1. A clear offer

2. A light market entry, to test and feedback

3. Improve, adjust, and SCALE

This iteration is one of the keys to success, but how do you navigate around exclusivities, agreements and how do you know what partner to bet on?

Through our network and experience we can help you with your sales efforts, and make a new market entry smoother.


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